Upping Academic Performance and Lowering Obesity among Kids: Let Outdoor Games Nail it!


According to a study conducted by John Reilly, professor at University of Strathclyde Scotland, the new-age technology of on-line games and other virtual engagements keep children seated while being exposed to higher risks of obesity and poor academic performance.

While genetics play a historic role in determining the child's health tendencies, computer games and the modern virtual technology in the forms of iPhones, iPods, etc. eventually act in a subversive mode to lower down the child's metabolism and attention in class, Indian Express reported.  

Quite interestingly, obesity has taken much of its toll to 1 in every 6 children in America, Madame Noire reported.

To make matters extremely worst in the country, obesity had since been seen to triple among children and quadruple among adults.

The immediate consequence of obesity is the zonked and sluggish looks of kids in school and in the home.

There are various factors for such dispositions among kids- psychological, social, etc. that equally deserved attention. But for a sure call, as mentioned by John Reilly, the most immediate factor should be physical health, the Indian Express again reported.

John Reilly further explains that before parents could go nuts over their kids' poor performances, they ought to evaluate them firstly on a physical basis. The physical domain is the first factor that manifests dispositions.

Now, for an under-performing kid who yields no further psycho-social problems and other diseases, a re-orienting to actual physical activity proves to most effective.

Nevertheless, they are to be regulated in their on-line games through proper scheduling.

Physical activities in the form of outdoor games can enhance the chemical balance in the child's brain.

With outdoor games, it is not the mind that only works, also the body. This is in contrary to the usual outcomes in virtual gaming.

Reilly backs his study with recent cases he had handled throughout his academic tenure in the University of Strathclyde.

In his journal, Reilly excites readers by saying that the best and most effective cure for poor academic performance and obesity among kids lies in nature.

Who'd have known that the best cure is just a priceless jog around the block?

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