'Pokemon Go' Beta Test Started in The United States; iOS, Android Users Try Pre-Release Version!


Looks like a good news for U.S.-based gamers waiting with bated heart for Niantic's augmented-reality game, "Pokemon Go" as developers have started the much-awaited game's beta stage in the country.

A beta test for "Pokemon Go" has been in progress in various parts of the world for quite some time now. The "field test" is now all set to make its debut in U.S., and players can get it by simply signing up here.

The registration process require players to provide an email address associated with their Google or Gmail account, aside from stating whether they have an Android or iOS device. Those who have played Niantic's "Ingress" before have an option to share their name and level in this augmented reality game, GameSpot reported.

Registering, however does not promise access, but those who get, are asked to keep the content under wraps so that the surprise element for other players is preserved until the public launch.

Unfortunately for the team behind the game, this hasn't quite worked out as planned as foot ages from field tests have surfaced online and reached other countries. Several online tech publications have confirmed that tests are already ongoing in New Zealand, Australia, and Japan.

But that's not all, Niantic has also divulged the gym battle mechanics to the game's huge fan-base.

U.S.-based "Pokemon Go" fans who signed up for the beta version a few days ago, have an opportunity to get invited by the developers. However, selected few will actually receive the invitation as the studio want to avoid leaking game-related details.

Looks like quite an understandable move.

Nintendo achieved huge success in their franchise, and judging by the looks of it, "Pokemon Go" will continue the trend.

This would be the first time the Japanese video-game maker will try hand with the pocket monsters on smartphones running either an iOS or Android operating system.

"Pokemon Go" will reportedly boast the same real-world location setting for the game. If a player walks long enough, Pokemon Eggs will be hatched, TechCrunch reported.

That said, hatching Pokemon Eggs may not be the real test as players would have an option to battle other trainers in Pokémon Gyms set in real-world locations. Players need to go toe-to-toe with their best roster.

If rumors proved true, "Pokémon GO" players will at some stage need to strive for gym prestige. Players will have to entrust their own Pokemon to a gym, where other trainers will try and beat it.

Click here to sign up right now to test "Pokemon Go."

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