'Dragon Ball Super' Rumors: Black Goku Is The New God Of Destruction [VIDEO]


If speculations surrounding the upcoming "Dragon Ball Super" arc are anything to go by, the next episode will indeed be the darkest one so far.

Rumors doing rounds online have hinted the reappearance of Future Trunks and an adversary named Black Goku. The upcoming arc of the fan-favorite anime series, "Dragon Ball Super," is on the verge of hitting the shelves, and fans all over the world are going berserk. But with Akira Toriyama himself declaring that the new arc would be so exciting, we can't blame them.

The much-awaited arc will reportedly feature the Omni King and the Gods of Destruction - This piece of news itself can convince a "Dragon Ball Super" fan that the new arc is nothing short of epic.

Toriyama did not divulge everything about the new arc during his announcement. However, he got the fans excited about the new angle introduced in the story, particularly the rebound of Future Trunks and the presence of Black Goku, Enstarz reported.

Renowned for its humor and exaggerated action, "Dragon Ball" has always been a buoyant anime, however if rumors proved true, this will all change with the arrival of new arc. That said, the aforementioned characteristics are what made the franchise so popular among fans all over the world for several decades.

The introduction of Black Goku in the new arc sparked conversations hinting that this character is possibly pseudo evil for of none other than Son Goku in Trunk's future timeline, Otakukart reported.

However, YouTuber ExperGamez has a different theory.

According to ExperGamez, Black Goku hails from a faraway future timeline from Future Trunks. The YouTuber explains his theory stating that Son Goku from his future already died well before the Android 17 and Android 18 were brought to life and wrecked the whole world.

Nevertheless, citing that Black Goku would pose a threat big enough to engage the Gods of Destruction and the Omni King, fans can expect his actions to be far more evil as compared to other adversaries which surfaced before him. In addition, considering that Future Trunks would be returning as a more mature character, these speculations become a lot more conceivable.

That said, fans will need to wait and watch how correct these rumors turn out to be. Until then, it seems logical to take these rumors with a grain of salt.

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