'Kingdom Hearts 3' New Trailer Paves Way For New Disney World?


During last year's D23 expo, Square Enix divulged "Kingdom Hearts 3" launch date to be in 2016 - The announcement fanned speculations and rumors that only grew as time passed by.

Fans have been anticipating "Kingdom Hearts 3" for a very long time, since the debut of the current game over a decade ago, to be precise. But Square Enix did not come out with the third installment. Unfortunately for the fans, the studio did not reveal any information regarding its development or release date.

However, if rumors doing rounds online are anything to go by, a new "Kingdom Hearts 3" trailer is already in the works at Square Enix. The trailer slated to be released at the forthcoming E3 2016 in Los Angeles next month will pave the way for new characters and introduce gameplay highlights, NeuroGadget reported.

Although no information about the purported trailer's content is available, fans are already speculating that in the trailer Sora will bump into new characters from Disney Worlds including "Big Hero 6" and "Tangled" or probably it will feature some sort of new gameplay action - but most importantly - an official release date of the highly-anticipated "Kingdom Hearts 3" will be revealed in the trailer.

There is no confirmation from the team behind the fan-favorite game though.

Beside, this does not necessarily imply that the studio is all set to take the wraps off "Kingdom Hearts 3" in 2016. In fact, if rumors proved true, the title may not be launched until April 2017. In fact, Studio Enix's list of games slated to be released in the upcoming fiscal year, did not include "Kingdom Hearts 3."

The list comprised of what seemed like bunch exciting new titles featuring, "Final Fantasy XV," "SaGa Scarlet Grace," "Dragon Quest Heroes II," "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided," "World of Final Fantasy" and "Rise of the Tomb Raider."

The game dubbed as "Kingdom Hearts 2.8" on the studio's 2017 fiscal year report, is still ambiguous, Yibada reported.

But this doesn't seem to bother the game's fan-base that is ignoring the reports from several tech online publications, and are still hoping that Square Enix will actually release "Kingdom Hearts 3" in 2017.

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