First-of-its-Kind Competition for Minecraft to Probe the Creative Potential of Artificial Intelligence

May 31, 2018 AM EDT NYU experts launch a competition for game developers, scientists, and computing enthusiasts to design an algorithm for Minecraft to see the creative potential of AI.

MInecraft And Science: How College Students Learn Chemistry By Playing The Game

Feb 20, 2017 AM EST A study by the University of Texas at Dallas has found how college students can learn chemistry by playing the popular game Minecraft.

Microsoft Releasing 'Minecraft' Xbox One S Bundle In Japanese Market; New Controller Color Schemes Detailed! [VIDEO]

Jan 12, 2017 PM EST Microsoft is trying to take another shot at the Japanese market by announcing that they plan to release a "Minecraft" Xbox One S bundle.

Pop Culture In The Classroom: Relevant And Meaningful Way To Engage Students

Jan 05, 2017 AM EST Using today’s pop culture can engage students and make lessons in class more meaningful.

Minecraft Players Receive Gift For Holiday Season; Update On Console And Pocket Edition Started To Roll Out [Video]

Dec 28, 2016 PM EST Just before year 2016 comes to an end, good news keep coming, especially for Minecraft fans. Players are treated from the latest update to the latest version of Minecraft. If you're a fan, you will be ...

'Fallout Shelter' News: Bethesda Releases Christmas Update; 'Minecraft' Mash-up Introduces New UI & More! [VIDEO]

Dec 23, 2016 AM EST Bethesda has released its recent Christmas update for its "Fallout Shelter" game on both the PC and mobile game iterations. New "Minecraft" and "Fallout" mash-up pack introduces new features to the ...

‘Minecraft: Wii U Edition’ Images are a Nightmare Fuel

Dec 08, 2016 AM EST Nintendo just released its “Minecraft: Wii U Edition” with some of the skins originally used for the game “Mario DLC”. The developers of the game recently teamed out with Nintendo to bring a ...

Top 4 Best Xbox One S Bundles Amazon Black Friday 2016 Deals Revealed [VIDEO]

Nov 26, 2016 AM EST Xbox One S bundles are highly recommended, especially if interested gamers want to buy a new console on Black Friday. Here are the best Xbox One S 500GB bundles on Amazon with big discounts.

Minecraft Just Get Better, Exploration Update Introduces More Features And New Adventure

Nov 15, 2016 AM EST Minecraft players now have a reason to celebrate with this week's launch of the Exploration Update, a free expansion pack that brings new enemies, items, quests and even encourage players to chase ...

New Releases This November: Games Coming To Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U & PC Detailed!

Nov 14, 2016 PM EST Sources lists down the newest games coming this week of November. Fans can expect an array of games for all major consoles and the PC.

'Minecraft' Latest Update For Pocket Edition And Windows 10 Released

Nov 09, 2016 AM EST Minecraft Developer Mojang has finally released the latest update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition.

Humble Blockjam Bundle Proceeds Go To Charity Block By Block [VIDEO]

Nov 09, 2016 AM EST Mojang has announced that the Humble Blockjam Bundle proceeds will be going to the charity Block by Block. The games will be DRM-free and users are free to pay what they want.

Minecraft: Education Edition A Huge Hit In Schools

Nov 07, 2016 AM EST Microsoft wants kids to play Minecraft: Education Edition in class.

Microsoft’s new Minecraft: Education Edition Now Available for Schools

Nov 03, 2016 PM EDT Microsoft has already launched 'Minecraft: Education Edition' for schools, aiming to help teachers engage their students well while teaching them various subjects.

Xbox One S Ads: Microsoft Jokingly Highlight Selling Point Against The Sony PlayStation

Nov 01, 2016 AM EDT The Xbox One advertisement showed that Microsoft can poke fun at itself. It also indirectly boasts that its latest console has 2TB of inside storage

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