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Marvel vs DC Movie: 'Civil War' Vs 'Dawn of Justice' Compared, Who Wins? [VIDEO]


Marvel vs DC Movies have always been an interesting topic debate among fans. Albeit saturated with comic book adaptations, it seems that the new movies released by both Marvel and DC are always highly anticipated, but for "Civil War" vs "Dawn of Justice", "Captain America" could actually be much better than "Batman", this time.

"Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice" has a grim dark story

Fans have noticed that there is a similarity on the plot of both "Civil War" and "Dawn of Justice". Marvel and DC seem to highlight internal conflict between the superheroes, that are supposed to fight the evil together. Also, there is another specific plot about terror made by a 'very smart person', the villains Lex Luthor and Baron Zemo.

However, there is a different between how the stories are delivered. For example, Marvel has a loyal way in getting everything light and solving problems with humors, so do the rest of Avengers movies. Alas for DC comic "Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice", everything is quite grim and dark with a very little humor that tends to be forced.

"Captain America: Civil War" earns better

While "Batman vs Superman" has earned $800 million so far, "Captain America: Civil War" manages to be the blockbuster after earning $700 million from the first week released, and it is still showing worldwide. It also means that it is able to earn more despite 74% drops as reported by the Forbes.

The critics

The fans of both DC Comics and Marvel Comics are fighting against each other to defend their favorite superheroes. Apart from that battle, many critics give thumbs down to "Dawn of Justice" and even Rotten Tomatoes only rates 4.9/10 - a very disappointing movie. It describes that the movie does not have powerful story but only exposes 'whirlwind of effects'.

In contrast to that, "Captain America: Civil War" has more positive reviews with average rating of 7.6/10 describing the Marvel franchise as 'being self-aware'.

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