PSU President Eric Barron Opens Up In A Letter, Express His Eagerness To Find Truth Beyond Media Speculations


Penn State President Eric Barron reacted in a letter following recent allegations emerged about the late Football Coach Joe Paterno, former Assistant Jerry Sandusky, convicted for molesting students, shared last Sunday at the university.

In the past days, allegations have come up from individuals who claim to be Sandusky victims and from unidentified individuals regarding the knowledge of former University employees. Apparently, there were none of these allegations about the thought about University employees has been proved in a court of law or in any other process to test their authenticity, Barron wrote.

In contrary, according to Barron, the reports had been scanned and validated to see merit among the complaints and here are what the people involved founf out: Firstly, these allegations pertaining to Penn State are not established fact. The two allegations related to information by Coach Paterno are unproven and not backed up by any evidence other than a claim by an alleged victim. They date from the 1970s which was denied by the family of Coach Paterno who was already dead to refute the allegations. Secondly, no evidence could be found regarding the settlement et al which was alleged to be an assault coordinated to the late coach. These only shows the discredit the press might receive after lacking profound evidences to support the claim,

Barron believed that few crimes as terrible as the sexual assault of a child. However, he also expressed their disappointment to Sandusky's actions and informed the public that the institution and its staff stand together, and will work together to in a unified commitment to prevent, treat and educate, the letter expounded.

Alas, the officials cannot control the news coming in and out. Even the surge of reactions in the social media is immovable by the university's intention. The community was in pain and still suffering, while the Penn state cannot leave a comment on the issue to prevent mishap in the legal proceedings, Barron decided to voice out his reaction about the media exhibition happening to penetrate the issue, he cleared out.

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