‘May The Fourth Be With You’ AP Lit Takers; 5 Helpful Tips For Passing


On Star Wars Day, the Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition (AP Lit) is a course and examination offered by the College Board as part of the Advanced Placement Program. Students' mastery of college level course is determined by tests in classes ranging from physics, psychology to English literature.

The nerves are necessary: AP exam scores often illustrate up on high school transcripts and could verify whether students land higher course placements in college or earn college credits. There are the tips when it comes to studying for the big tests, Senior Vice President of Advanced Placement and Instruction Trevor Packer said:

1 Familiarize yourself with the examination information.

To gain confidence with yourself have an advance research to. You may look up the course on the AP Students page to see out precisely what you can look forward to on test day. You may know there the duration, the area coverage and the types of question included on the tests.

2 Practice.

There are questions directly from the test source the website under the Exam Practice link powered by The College Board. Every examinee is advised to practice with the questions, then score your answers. You may see there the areas you did well and know the areas where you need to improve, Packer said.

3 Give attentions to details.

Course descriptions provided under the same Exam Practice link on the College Board website. There are even more details about what students can expect on the specific exams, he added.

4 Look for a partner or join a group to work with.

It is proven that students working with another student increases the support received by the examinees. There is a huge benefit in group study or with a study partner, he said.

5. Get a full night's sleep and a full breakfast.

Make sure you have enough rest before you get into the mind war because you need strength. Do not forget grab some breakfast to keep you focused on the exams. Self-care should be on top of the preparation list, said Packer.

Admissions Revolution founder Sara Harberson encouraged students to learn that AP scores are not of necessity required for college admissions. And #MayTheFourthBeWithYou!

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