Pennsylvania High School Offers Free College For Students With Good Grades And Behavior

Mar 15, 2017 AM EDT Pennsylvania school district makes college possible for students who have maintained good grades and good behavior. The offer is good for 2 years at Harrisburg Area Community College.

Pennsylvania University Chancellor Propose Big Changes To Adjust For Budget Crisis

Jan 28, 2017 AM EST The changes may include mergers and even closures for some campuses.

Conservatism 101: A Victory for Intellectual Diversity at LHU

Jan 04, 2017 AM EST Lock Haven University is offering a course on Conservatism for its students 'without delay.'

Texas Special Education Not Available For All, Family Forced To Move To Pennsylvania

Dec 26, 2016 AM EST A family was unable to get special education in their state, so they had to move out.

University Student Offers Bleached Water to Pregnant Girlfriend - In Hopes of Killing the Baby

Nov 02, 2016 PM EDT A Millersville university student has been charged with murder attempt after tricking his pregnant girlfriend into drinking bleached water in the hopes of losing the baby.

Penn State Updates: Beaver Stadium Tours And CPFA Details Announced!

Jul 12, 2016 PM EDT The latest update for Beavers Stadium Tour Arts Festival informs fans of the ticket price- $15 for adults and $10 for students! The event has been marked to take place in the weekend during the ...

Head Start Program Transforms Lives: Goodbye Poverty, PennState Says!

Jul 08, 2016 PM EDT The strong implementation of the Head Start pre-school program resulted to remarkable transformation among lives of local working parents of African American kids! Crystal Sanders, a head-starter ...

PennState Professor Rasgon Talks Zika Virus & Another Disease: Are Pennsylvanians At Risk? [VIDEO]

Jul 08, 2016 PM EDT Jason Rasgon, Pennsylvania State University's associate professor of Entomology and Disease Epidemiology discusses the Zika virus and Pennsylvania's susceptibility to the notorious epidemic during an ...

Penn University Local Purchasing: Employs Minority, Women to Impact Economic

May 14, 2016 AM EDT Penn's procurement program remains a focus for the university. It goes back to 1995 where a program launched by the university implemented local purchasing initiative.

PSU President Eric Barron Opens Up In A Letter, Express His Eagerness To Find Truth Beyond Media Speculations

May 10, 2016 AM EDT Amid the media frenzy and massive speculation, Penn State President Eric Barron found his way to explain and express his reaction in a letter to the people longing for clarifications regarding the ...

Pennsylvania Teen Girl Gets Kicked Out Of Prom For Expressing Herself: Room For Young Lesbians Stirs Unfair Judgment In Schools? [VIDEO]

May 10, 2016 AM EDT In this day and age, who would had thought that expressing oneself out to a prom which a young teenage girl had had fervently waited for the longest time, would sadly turn out to be one of the most ...

Carnegie Mellon News: Cafe At Campus Linked To Gastrointestinal Distress Reopens

May 06, 2016 AM EDT The cause of the hospitalization is being investigated by authorities in the Pennsylvania university.

Marijuana Legalized by The House; After Mothers Plead

Apr 18, 2016 AM EDT Pennsylvania native and mother, Latrisha Bentch, talked in front of supporters in Capitol Rotunda who requested the House to legalize marijuana

Keystone to Offer Master’s Degree in Accounting, Educational Leadership

Oct 10, 2014 AM EDT Keystone College will begin offering master's degrees for the first time in the school's history following state and federal authorization.

Top 10 American Universities for Finance-Related Careers

Oct 06, 2014 AM EDT University of Pennsylvania has topped the list of colleges suitable for a career in finance.

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