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OMG: Scientist Talk Greenland Ice Melts; Water to Flood Ocean Soon, How Fast? [WATCH]


90 percent of freshwater ice is related to the massive ice sheet of Antartic and Greenland. It is true that the planet is experiencing climate change and global warming. This is also the reason why Greenland ice sheet is starting to melt earlier and faster.

Dartmouth scientists analyzed the melted water and realized that it pours on areas in the undersea. According to them, if Greenland melts completely, sea level would rise by 23 feet. 12 percent of Greenland ice sheet melted last week, CNN has learned. It may only be a small volume but it is melting faster.

In polar regions, melting ice sheet will result faster increase of sea level compared to the areas far from them. When ice melts, the process is complex. It fills rivers and lakes before finally moves to channels that carry the water right to the sea. This might take long to travel pathways but the dynamic situation has been measured by scientists long ago. They find out that each time they analyze; it gets deeper and deeper underwater. This iceberg melting phenomenon also contributes to the overall ocean melting.

Another team of scientists from UC Irvine studied on the glacial erosion; finds that the depth is often underestimated. Spending years of expeditions, they have similar report stating that the water discharged in fjords is much deeper than the previous recorded data.

According to the scientists, this is quite a bad news especially for the oceans and areas close to them, as reported by the Philly. In summer days, Greenland melts cause the water to rise a few meters a day. Thus, warm tropical places like California could likely be flooded with extra water from the ocean.

The Ocean Melting Greenland (OMG) reported that while cold temperature does not melt ice, the warmer water deep down does. Hence, the underwater glaciers are severely cut, which would mean, they could collapse. The melting - it is faster than the past millennium as NASA recorded an 8-inch rise since 1870.

The National Geography also documented photos and facts stating that the temperature rises double each year. The OMG campaign will conduct further research using aircrafts to collect aerial data and observing the ocean and ice.

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