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Humans become more destructive to the environment when they were ill

UC Berkeley Researchers Find Link Between Human Illness And Environment

Apr 07, 2017 AM EDT Humans were found to employ more destructive fishing methods when they were ill.

Old Holy City

Discover What Jerusalem Looks Like During The Time Of Jesus Christ Through VR

Apr 07, 2017 AM EDT This is what happens when archaeology meets technology.

Finding the missing memristor

Scientists Develop An Artificial Synapse That Can Learn On Its Own [Video]

Apr 07, 2017 AM EDT Researchers develop an artifial synapse that would make it possible for machines to learn autonomously.

Birth Control

Male Contraceptive Is 100% Accurate In Preventing Unwanted Pregnancy Without Condom Or Surgery [Video]

Apr 07, 2017 AM EDT A new type of male contraceptive,Vasagel, does not require the use of condoms or expensive surgeries.

Early Childhood Education

Virginia Tech Carillon Research: Quality of Early Childhood Education and Care Affects Adult Life [Video]

Apr 07, 2017 AM EDT A longitudinal study revealed that early childhood education and care affect the quality of adult life. Hence, the federal government should invest on the children.

NASA at Saturn: Cassini's Grand Finale

NASA Prepares For Cassini's Final Mission, Swan Song Starts April 22 [Video]

Apr 07, 2017 AM EDT NASA's Cassini is nearing the end of its serviceable life due to its almost depletred fuel. NASA will will send final command sequences to the interpid space probe on April 11 for Cassini's final ...

Law School Enrollment

The Future of Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School Has Become Unclear [VIDEO]

Apr 07, 2017 AM EDT Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School's future is unclear after it experienced a great decline in enrollment since 2010.

NASA Search For Habitable Planets

Astronomers Discover GJ 1132b Planet With Earth-like Atmosphere [VIDEO]

Apr 07, 2017 AM EDT The Earth-like planter, GJ 1132b was discovered using the GROND imager telescope at the European Southern Observatory in Chile.


gon State University Researchers Found Rapamycin, the Fountain of Youth

Apr 07, 2017 AM EDT Rapamycin has anti-aging properties. It can prevent Alzheimer's disease and other ailments caused by disorders of the nervous system.


NASA Funds 5 University Research Teams To Build New Aircraft Concepts

Apr 06, 2017 AM EDT Are you ready to see new airplanes? Well, NASA is.

Researchers use DNA excision to program living cells

Boston University Professor Outlines New Platform To Hack Living Cells

Apr 07, 2017 AM EDT The researchers used Boolean Logic and Arithmetic through DNA Excision (BLADE).


Common Antibiotic May Be Able To Prevent And Cure PTSD, According To University Research [Video]

Apr 06, 2017 AM EDT A "new treatment strategy" for PTSD may have been found in a recent study by ...

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