Malaysia Launches MyBIG-India Scholarship Initiative To Attract Indian Students


In a strategic move to bolster its global standing in education, Malaysia is actively seeking to attract more Indian students.

The Malaysian High Commissioner to India, Datuk Muzafar Shah Mustafa, recently announced this initiative during the launch of the "My Binary International Grant-India" (MyBIG-India) scholarship scheme by Binary University. This endeavor signifies Malaysia's commitment to expanding its international education appeal and fostering academic collaborations, further strengthening the ties between the two nations.

Malaysia Launches MyBIG-India Scholarship Initiative to Attract Indian Students
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Current Landscape

As of now, approximately 6,000 Indian nationals are pursuing higher education in Malaysia. The launch of the MyBIG-India scholarship aims to significantly augment this number, providing Indian students with a valuable opportunity to access high-quality education in Malaysia. Binary University, a 40-year-old institution known for its specialization in management, information technology, and entrepreneurship courses, plays a pivotal role in realizing this vision.

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Scholarship Opportunities

The MyBIG-India scholarship program is poised to become a gateway for Indian students aspiring to pursue academic excellence in Malaysia. The scholarship, introduced during a virtual event, underscores Malaysia's dedication to promoting its universities globally and fostering cross-cultural educational exchanges. By actively encouraging Indian students to study in Malaysia, the country aims to enrich its academic landscape and strengthen ties between the two nations.

Collaborations and Memorandums of Understanding

During the 6th Joint Commission Meeting in November, representatives from Malaysia and India expressed their commitment to expedite cooperation in higher education through academic collaborations. Currently, there are 106 existing memorandums of understanding (MOUs) between higher education institutions in both countries. These agreements serve as a foundation for fostering collaboration, sharing knowledge, and promoting cultural exchange.

Malaysia's proactive approach to becoming a global education hub is further evidenced by its eagerness to welcome the proposed Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) campus in the country. This collaborative venture demonstrates Malaysia's dedication to becoming a center of talent and knowledge, attracting and nurturing individuals from around the world. By serving as a hub of excellence in generating, disseminating, and applying knowledge, Malaysia envisions a transformative impact on its education sector.

Commitment to Internationalization

Malaysia has set an ambitious target of hosting 250,000 international students by 2025, a significant increase from the current figure of around 130,000. The MyBIG-India scholarship initiative aligns seamlessly with this overarching goal, showcasing Malaysia's commitment to creating an inclusive and diverse learning environment. By actively seeking students from India and other nations, Malaysia aims to elevate the quality of its education system and enhance its global reputation.

Malaysia's focused efforts to attract more Indian students through initiatives like the MyBIG-India scholarship underscore the country's commitment to fostering international collaborations and promoting educational diversity. As higher education becomes increasingly globalized, Malaysia recognizes the importance of attracting talent from around the world. The collaborative agreements, commitment to internationalization, and welcoming stance towards educational institutions like the proposed IIT campus reflect Malaysia's vision of becoming a prominent player in the global education arena. The MyBIG-India scholarship serves as a beacon, signaling Malaysia's dedication to providing accessible and high-quality education for students seeking enriching academic experiences.

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