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Octopi Are Intelligent

Cephalopods Can Rewrite RNA Genes To Produce Proteins That Raise Intelligence [VIDEO]

Apr 11, 2017 AM EDT Cephalopods live fast and die young. RNA editing help them gain more knowledge about environmental adaptability.

Perception On 'The Dress' Caused The Different Assumptions

NYU Neuroscientist Finds Real Answer On 'The Dress' Meme Riddle

Apr 10, 2017 AM EDT The differences in perception is said to be based on the differences in assumption as to how the dress was illuminated.

A protein has been found to increase the effectiveness of vaccines

Boston University Researchers Find Protein That Increases Effectiveness Of Vaccines

Apr 10, 2017 AM EDT The protein was extracted from the exterior of bacteria and used to provide better a vaccination response.

Children attend school early

Study Finds Strong Early Education Fosters Better Relationships Between Parents and Kids [Video]

Apr 11, 2017 AM EDT A study by the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute has found that early education for children fosters better relationships with parents when they become adults, and that they are also more ...

Antibiotics is Linked to Behavior and Brain Development of Babies

Canada's McMaster University Links Early Antibiotics to Baby's Brain and Behavior

Apr 10, 2017 AM EDT A baby's behavior and brain development could be affected by antibiotics.

Nucleus Being Injected From A Micropipette

Science Made It Possible For Three Parents To Have One Baby [VIDEO]

Apr 08, 2017 AM EDT Dr. John Zhang Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility Specialist has delivered the first baby using a controversial technique, mitochondrial replacement therapy (MRT). The procedure made it ...

Science Labs

Lab4U Solves Problem For Schools With No Science Labs [Video]

Apr 08, 2017 AM EDT In many countries, including the US, science education faces a lot of insufficiencies when it comes to teaching tools.


Astronomers Discover Planet With Water & Atmosphere; This Could Be It!

Apr 08, 2017 AM EDT Humans are getting closer to making their first contact with other extra-terrestial lifeforms or are they?

Moral judgments play a major role in encouraging people to be more cooperative

Stanford Research Shows How Moral Judgments Encourage Good Behavior In Society

Apr 08, 2017 AM EDT People were more cooperative when they were being judged for their actions.

Carbon emissions increase due to income inequality

Boston College Researchers Find Link Between Income Inequality And Carbon Emissions

Apr 08, 2017 AM EDT As wealthy people get richer, carbon emissions in where they live also increase.

The Human Brain

Elon Musk's Neural Lace Interface Proposal May Cause Issues To Arise [VIDEO]

Apr 08, 2017 AM EDT Though his heart might be in the right place, Elon Musk's proposal to enhance the human brain carries with it a set of problems, prime of which is the inequality it will bring to an already unequal ...

Illegal party drug ketamine

Oxford Study Finds Illegal Drug Ketamine Can Be Used To Treat Depression When Nothing Else Works [Video]

Apr 10, 2017 AM EDT A study conducted by Oxford University suggests that the illegal party drug ketamine can be used to treat depression when all else fails.

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