‘Heroes Of The Storm’ Latest News: What To Expect From ‘Warcraft’ Assassin Zul'jin [Video]


A new character spotlight video has unveiled the latest "World of Warcraft" character heading to Blizzard Entertainment's "Heroes of the Storm." Zul'jin's appearance wasn't the only thing revealed in the clip; his abilities, traits and talents were also detailed.

Zul'jin is a "Warcraft" troll warlord who's also a ranged assassin. According to Blizzard, Zul'jin is capable of throwing an axe "murderously fast" and only becomes more deadly as his health gets damaged by opponents, GameSpot reported. Watch Zul'jin in the new "Heroes of the Storm" character spotlight video below.

Zul'jin's main purpose is to unite the trolls of the Amani empire against the elves and their Alliance, according to VG247. The warlord is bent on taking back the forests of Lordaeron from the elves -- even if it means killing anyone standing in his way. Zul'jin is always motivated to improve his skills and sharpen the axes he uses in battles.

Zul'jin comes with numerous traits and abilities. His Berserker trait allows him to attack one percent faster for every one percent damage to his health, according to a separate report from GameSpot.

Zul'jin has three basic abilities (Grievous Throw, Twin Cleave and Regeneration), while his heroic abilities are named Taz'dingo! and Guillotine. When Taz'dingo! gets activated, Zul'jin will be Unkillable for four seconds and he cannot go below than one Health. The Guillotine ability allows Zul'jin to hurl a huge guillotine blade up the sky and crash it on enemies in a targeted location.

Zu'jin's addition to "Heroes of the Storm" came in yesterday's patch, which ensures its availability in the game within the next few hours. The update also introduced key balance changes such as the additional armor for three characters -- Arthas, Anub'arak and the Worgen form of Greymane.

Azmodan's All Shall Burn was improved by the new "Heroes of the Storm" patch, too. The character can now move at 40 percent base Movement Speed during channeling, with the initial cast range of the ability lowered by seven percent. The tether range needed to cancel the effect was boosted to six percent.

Azmodan's Demonic Invasion, meanwhile, got its impact damage reduced to 104 from 110. The Demon Attack damage is now at 51 from 54.

Other characters were also adjusted by the latest update. Check out the complete patch notes of "Heroes of the Storm" here.

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