‘World Of Warcraft’ Nighthold Raid Release Date & More Details: New Naxxramas Servers Launching Soon

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"World of Warcraft" has welcomed a new content called Nighthold. Not much has been revealed about the latest content addition yet even though an official release date is fast approaching.

The Nighthold raid of "World of Warcraft" will roll out on Jan. 17, 2017 in North America and Jan. 18 in Europe, MMORPG reported from Blizzard Entertainment. The Nighthold raid will be available for Normal and Heroic play, while the Mythic and Raid Finder versions will be launched a few weeks later. However, the official release date for the last two is still unknown.

In addition, Blizzard will release a 'tuning update' for the Trials of Valor raid of "World of Warcraft," with a special focus on Normal and Heroic versions. Thanks to that upcoming update, players will have more time to advance their progress before Nighthold's launch. Visit the World of Warcraft forum for additional details.

Kronos and Awakening, two "World of Warcraft" legacy servers, have announced that they are merging their two separate servers -- Kronos I and Kronos II -- with Naxxramas, another new content. The changes will be in effect in 2017 after War Effort ends.

Naxxramas is a huge necropolis hovering over Dragonblight's Wintergarde Keep, according to Wowhead. Naxxramas is where the feared Kel'Thuzad, one of the Lich King's toughest officers, resides.

A flying mount is needed to enter Naxxramas. In the past, "World of Warcraft" players can only access the location by using special attunement from the Argent Dawn.

Now, players can fly to the Naxxramas' underside, which holds openings to a room with portals that lead to different wings of the necropolis. Players cannot use a teleport spire if they don't have a flying mount.

Kronos and Awakening announced their merger with Naxxramas after Nostalrius' return this week (Dec. 19), Eurogamer reported The server, which has relaunched as Elysium, was shut down by Blizzard earlier this year.

Nostalrius was considered as the biggest and most excellent private server - though unofficial -- of "World of Warcraft." Before the forced shutdown, Nostalrius has 800,000 users, Ars Technica noted.

Blizzard shut down Nostalrius because they saw "no clear legal path" to protect their intellectual property and allow a fan server to continue its operations at the same time, Kotaku reported. "World of Warcraft" executive producer J. Allen Brack wrote on the forums that the developer's failure "to protect against intellectual property infringement would damage Blizzard's rights."

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