‘Heroes of the Storm’ DLC Features Warcraft's Zul'jin; Release Date Revealed [Video]


The next "Heroes of the Storm" DLC has been revealed. "Warcraft's" Zul'jin is coming to PC in early January 2017.

Blizzard made the announcement through Facebook, citing Zul'jin is the next hero that will be available for download for "Heroes of the Storm." For those who know Zul'jin, he has this passive ability to deal faster attacks most especially if his health point is getting low. Likewise, he has a berserk mode that decreases his health but increases his attack power.

As for his heroic abilities, Zul'jin has Taz'dingo! That renders him invincible for four seconds. Accordingly, his health will not be reduced to less than a point. He also has Guillotine that lets him throw a guillotine blade in the sky in "Heroes of the Storm" that comes crashing down at enemies at a targeted area. Here is a plus, the lower Zul'jin's health is, the more damage is dealt to his enemies by his Guillotine throw, according to Gamespot.

As for his basic abilities, Zul'jin in "Heroes of the Storm" DLC includes Regeneration, Twin Cleave, and Grievous Throw. Grievous Throw is a throw forward that inflicts damage on the first two foes that are hit. They then become marked giving 50 percent bonus damage when dealt with the Three Basic attacks Zul'jin delivers.

Twin Cleave in "Heroes of the Storm" makes Zul'jin throw two axes in a circular arc that deals 15 percent damage for two seconds. Regeneration, as the name implies increases the hero's health points to increase by 25 percent in four seconds. However, regenerating will be aborted when moving or taking hits, Video Games Republic reported.

A complete list and breakdown of Zul'jin's skills, abilities, and traits are available by clicking here. Zul'jin is scheduled to arrive in "Heroes of the Storm" in early January 2017.

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