U.S. College Students Targets for Employment Scam

Jan 23, 2017 AM EST The FBI has issued a warning regarding a scam targeting college students across the U.S.

FBI Alerts College Job Hunters Of Employment Website Scams

Jan 20, 2017 AM EST FBI has issued a warning about false advertisements on college employment websites.

Enrolling In A For-Profit College? Here Are A Couple Of Things You Should Know

Sep 30, 2016 AM EDT Check out these things you should know before enrolling in a for-profit college.

BBB Reveals New Scam That Targets College Students

Sep 26, 2016 AM EDT Beware of this new scam that specifically targets college students.

5 College Scholarship Scams That You Shouldn’t Fall For

Sep 06, 2016 AM EDT Beware of these college scholarship scams.

College Scholarship: 9 Signs Of A Scam

Sep 04, 2016 AM EDT How to know if a particular college scholarship program is a scam.

Trump University Allegedly Scams A War Widow, $35000 Dollar

Aug 25, 2016 PM EDT Trump Unversity faces allegations about scamming a war widow with $35,000.

The Trump Dump: Trump University Student Connection Reviewed And Proven Risky By Academic Experts! [VIDEO]

Aug 20, 2016 PM EDT The Trump University faces another major expose. This time, the CNBC Network takes action and advises students.

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