The Trump Dump: Trump University Student Connection Reviewed And Proven Risky By Academic Experts! [VIDEO]


Recent investigations by academic experts further confirm the already-exposed dump of the Trump University. What is worst is that the university's curriculum entails a potential scam and a risky connection with students in terms of financial conditioning method.

The CNBC network consisting of legal and academic experts, once again skimmed the through often-breakable but slightly hefty points introduced by the Trump University curriculum and found out risky outcomes. What effected afterwards was a solid written review urging and advising students who have paid $36,000 plus for the curriculum to take the schooling with a grain of salt as it has been seen to violate particular investment laws.

The University's supposed to appear clean.

Besides Trump himself crying foul over the unlawful shutting down of the Trump University, his most trusted Trump Entrepreneur Initiative took the full advantage of influencing the odds and eventually managed to propel the two-class action lawsuits. Nevertheless, there were undoubtedly equally hefty evidences to prove Trump University wasn't really a scam, hence Trump's current action of seeking dismissal over Trump University lawsuit, Fox News reported.

However, fresher investigations are beginning to rule out the soft-sided legitimacy of the Trump University's case in numbers. Alas, it was later found out and proven by the CNBC that the binds of curriculum details, conditioning methods and other lesson plans on real estate transactions contain violations to other state's legalities.

A potential scam, indeed?

By all means, real estate attorneys and other financial experts of neutral take on the political wars were interviewed. Under several cases presented, the subjects nodded on the possibility of scamming or any actions of risky financial conditioning towards students, lest the curriculum chapters per se are, by all definition, illegal in respective states, CNBC reported.

Too much of the Dump

Whatever the case, the students were right to be warned. There is much more going on here. By all means, students are to be cautious over choosing which course to take, Salon reported.

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