Tenured Posts Ban in Some States to Take Effect Next Year

Feb 28, 2017 AM EST Some states will stop granting tenured positions to professors in public universities. They think that such a policy is just a waste of government money.

College Students Admit To Cheating, Instructors Are Prone To Do The Same, Survey Shows

Feb 27, 2017 AM EST Based on the survey on college students who admit they are cheating in school, instructors and professors also tend to do the same.

Universities In Switzerland Fails To Achieve Goal Of More Women Professors

Nov 07, 2016 AM EST Women professors only make up 20 percent of educators in Swiss universities.

University Of Chicago Law Professors Believe That 'Unpleasant Aspects Of Human Existence' Vital For Legal Education

Sep 16, 2016 AM EDT University of Chicago law professors think that legal education is impossible without triggering content.

WU Tests Unlikely Bomb Sniffers: Bugs? [VIDEO]

Jul 19, 2016 AM EDT Washington University- St. Louis' head researcher Baranidharan Raman finally puts into test a colony of Locusts over the quest of finding out if these unlikely bugs can be effective bomb sniffers! ...

University Of Texas Professors Sue Their University And State In A Bid To Curb Campus Carry Law!

Jul 09, 2016 AM EDT In a bid to curb a campus carry law from going into effect August 1, three professors at the University of Texas at Austin sued the state and school this week.

University of Chicago Professors, Students Were Disappointed by Dismissals and School Finances

Jun 26, 2016 AM EDT Faculty members and student groups of the University of Chicago are disappointed against the institution's leadership and its ongoing effort to cut off administrative personnel across campus.

AAUP Voted To Put Universities In Censure List; UM Included

Jun 21, 2016 AM EDT The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) casted the votes to censure the University of Missouri in Columbia during AAUP's annual conference.

College of Charleston and MUSC Denounce House Bill for Creation of Third Research School

Feb 11, 2014 AM EST College of Charleston faculty protested Monday against a S.C. House bill that would merge the public university with the Medical University of South Carolina, MUSC.

Obama to Award Pittsburgh Professors for Their Contribution to Science and Technology

Jan 06, 2014 AM EST Dr. Yongjie (Jessica) Zhang, a Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) associate professor of mechanical engineering, and Dr. Brian Anderson, West Virginia University chemical engineer, have been named among ...

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