AAUP Voted To Put Universities In Censure List; UM Included


The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) casted the votes to censure the University of Missouri in Columbia during AAUP's annual conference.

The University of Missouri was voted into the censure list of the American Association of University Professors. College of Saint Rose was also included into the list for rendering tenure to almost two dozen of its faculty members and also for shuttering several academic programs outside the channels of shared governance. Also, two colleges which has been on the censure list of AAUP since 1963 had their censure lifted. The University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, however was kept on the list for its violations on academic freedom and tenure. The 90-year old wronged University professor was given an official apology, Inside Higher Ed reported.

The American Association of university Professors voted to place University of Missouri in Columbia due to the controversial firing of the university's communications professor, Melissa Click.

Last May, an AAUP report accused University of Missouri- Columbia's Board of Curator. The report says that the university board was bowing to political pressure. This was due to firing Melissa Click for being involved in a student protest last year. The cause of the students' protests in the campus was due to the university's perceived indifference to several racist incidents inside University of Missouri campus.

Melissa Click was caught on camera calling support to prevent the student-journalists from covering the campus demonstration. Another video shows a professor cursing at a police officer during the homecoming parade protest.

The University was placed on AAUP's censure list in 1973 after the university conducted disciplinary actions to professors during an on-campus demonstration about the war in Vietnam. After adding due process, the university was removed from the list. The same procedure, however, was not used in Melissa Click's case, St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. 

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