President Barack Obama

Nick Offerman Will Be University of Illinois Commencement Speaker For 2017 [VIDEO]

Apr 26, 2017 AM EDT University of Illinois will hold the commencement on Saturday, May 13, and the ceremony will be streamed live from the Memorial Stadium.

Obama Staff Gives Career Advice Through Memoirs [VIDEO]

Mar 28, 2017 AM EDT Alyssa Mastromonaco, a staff-member from the Obama White House shared her memoirs with her new book "Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?"

Devon Terrell Plays POTUS Barack Obama As College Kid In Columbia University

Nov 24, 2016 AM EST President Barack Obama is being portrayed by actor Devon Terrell

President Obama Awards Medal of Freedom: Eduardo Padron For His Contribution To Education

Nov 24, 2016 AM EST United States President Obama says that celebrity guests are what makes America the greatest nation.

High School Graduation Rates Soar, Reaches Record Numbers

Oct 18, 2016 AM EDT President Obama announced that high school graduation rates have increased last year.

Secretary John B King On United States Education: Opportunity Across America

Sep 13, 2016 AM EDT According to John B King, opportunity can never be rationed.

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