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Secretary John B King On United States Education: Opportunity Across America


United States Education Secretary John B. King Jr says that opportunity can never be rationed in the country. He adds that opportunity is not a perk which is being denied to other people.

"Opportunity must be available to all. Opportunity and education are not only the foundation of our democracy and the American way of life," says King.

Before King came aboard, President Barack Obama already has his heart set on improving the education system in order to provide better opportunities for Americans which would lead them to success. According to Education, Obama envisions to address the drop out crisis, increase graduation rates and improve student achievement. These and many more will mean that students would have the opportunity to prepare them for college and a great career while making sure education is affordable.

Before President Barack Obama steps down, he looks to finish his agenda on the education system. Which is why the Every Student Succeeds Act is being put in place. While many states have already created their own educational reform plans, John B. King continues to deliver Obama's legacy on education.

Ever since President Barack Obama took office, he has seen more students graduating in college compared to previous years. He has also seen older students and adults enrolling in college for the first time ever. At the same time, student debt is said to be minimized successfully as defaults, forbearances and delinquencies are trending down.

Obama's vision to build on the nation's education system for the future continues. As the Obama administration works with each state and community to create an environment that is essential for students and to provide world class education for every child and adult that needs it.

To continue his legacy, United States Secretary John B. King Jr is going on a five day bus trip in six states. From Washington, DC to New Orleans, he will work and talk with different people to create "Opportunity Across America."

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