Devon Terrell Plays POTUS Barack Obama As College Kid In Columbia University


Before United States President Barack Obama leaves the Oval Office and President Elect Donald Trump takes over, Netflix is set to air a show dedicated to Obama's younger years.

The show is titled "Barry" and Netflix is going to zone in on the POTUS' days as a young college kid. It is an original movie that details the life and experiences of the President prior to getting into politics.

In order to make it happen, the Netflix show runners needed someone who can portray the POTUS. And they found Australian actor Devon Terrell. He is going to play Obama when he entered college at the New York's Columbia University during 1981, cites CNET.

Looking further into his past before Columbia, Obama attended St. Francis of Assisi for two years when he was aged six. He then attended the Besuki Public School for 1.5 years. Both schools were an Indonesian-language school. In 1971, he moved to Honolulu and attended the Punahou School on a scholarship. He attended the college preparatory school from fifth grade until he graduated high school in 1979.

It was during those years that people call him Barry. Hence the title of the Netflix movie. His college life started with Occidental College in Los Angeles. He then moved to Columbia in New York City during his junior year. He majored in Political Science and took International Relations as his specialty. He also took English literature.

With that insight into his life, everyone will get to see Obama outside of his suit. The promo trailer teases a young Barack dancing and playing basketball while he struggles growing up with mixed parents during the 1980's.

With Devon Terrell taking the role, it does not look like he is pressured. There is no trace of his Australian accent anywhere in the trailer. According to the actor, viewers are going to see a different Obama at 21 years old, during a time when he does not know what he wants yet.

Watch out for "Barry" on December 16, 2016 only on Netflix.

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