College Student Becomes Police Target After Ordering Pizza

Feb 25, 2017 AM EST A college student ordered pizza at a discounted price and became a police subject for a crime.

Pizza ATMs Finally Arrive at Xavier University

Jan 13, 2017 AM EST Pizza ATMs are finally in the United States and have already launched in Xavier University.

5 Popular Foods among College Students

Dec 20, 2016 AM EST Here are some of the most popular food choices college students have when ordering for delivery or takeout.

Domino's Delivers $1300 In Cash To Customer Instead Of Chicken Wings

Sep 23, 2015 AM EDT A Domino's in Berkeley, Calif., accidentally delivers $1,300 to customer.

Sadness Prevents Self-Indulgence, Study

Apr 19, 2014 AM EDT Sadness prevents self-indulgence, accosting to University of Florida and University of Miami study. Researchers said emotions influences self-indulgent habits/behaviour.

Order Pizza to Ward off Winter Vomiting Disease, Study

Feb 12, 2014 AM EST University of Arizona researchers found an ingredient in pizza that could prevent suffering from winter vomiting disease, norovirus. Carvacrol, a plant compound in the herb oregano, is found to be ...

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