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College Student Becomes Police Target After Ordering Pizza


Authorities have warned people about a scam on pizza discounts where they could unknowingly be implicated of a serious crime.

According to CBS46, a fake Twitter account pretends to be an insider at food chains like Domino's Pizza and what it does is that it orders food for people with the use of stolen credit cards while charging them $10 for every order.

It is not simply about the money that the customer spends, because they really do get their pizza orders. However, it is the risk of getting involved in a crime.

A University of Georgia student did not hesitate ordering a pizza as the advertisement on Twitter showed a discounted pizza for $10 from $52. He did not really take a long time deciding because the reviews attest satisfaction from customers across the country, and most of them are teenagers too, just like Nick Thomas, Fox54 News reported.

Thomas said he thought the person from whom he ordered the pizza had employee discounts and that it was not impossible, because he was also getting fifty percent discounts where he works. He was surprised when the police came at his doorstep dressed as pizza delivery drivers.

Thomas was not the only one who became a victim of the scam. Most of the time, they will only be asked to send their payments through Paypal, without knowing that the scammer does not have any connection at all with Dominos but were rather just using stolen credit cards.

What the scammers does is that they do the order themselves using those cards and in food chains like Domino's, the no other name appears on the receipt except the person who will be getting the pizza, and unfortunately, this was how the police was led to Thomas.

Oakwood Police Sergeant Danny Sridej said that his agency wants to warn people, especially the college students to be aware of this scam and avoid any legal problems in the future.

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