Pizza ATMs Finally Arrive at Xavier University


Pizza ATMs which have been around in Europe for quite some time is finally launching in the United States in August in Xavier University and are made available round-the-clock.

Open 24/7, America's first Pizza vending machine was finally launched in the university to ease the hungry students' quest for munchies anytime within the day.

According to USA Today College, the invention was made by Paline, a French company who spent four years so that the machine could be launched in the country. As of the moment, there are no mentions yet of the other locations as to where the Pizza ATMs will be opening but it aims to expand its network this 2017.

The machine is just being placed outside of the main dining hall so that students can have something for some midnight food cravings. Xavier Assistant Vice President Jude Kiah told NBC News that they tried to look for a cost-effective way to solve the problem of late-night pizza options in the campus which is why they came up with the idea of being the very first institution to have this brilliant, high quality machine.

The pizza is made of dough and tomato sauce that are 100 percent vegan which offers 8 varieties of toppings to choose from including sausage, vegetables, cheese, pepperoni and sausage. And as soon as the pizza is ready, they are loaded to the refrigerated section of the ATM where it is ready to be served.

The pizzas are priced around $10 per box and around 70 boxes of them can be held in the fridge. The nicest thing about it is that it only takes 3 minutes to heat up before being boxed up and dispensed through a slot.

While this is the first pizza vending machine in the U.S., New York has got the cupcake ATMs to satisfy the cravings of those with sweet tooth.

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