Pixar Offers Free Online Storytelling Lessons Through Khan Academy

Feb 17, 2017 AM EST The first lesson of "Pixar in a Box" is already available online.

Hulu To Get Serious About Netflix's Competition, To Offer New Features In The Few Months

Jan 21, 2017 AM EST Hulu will offer offline access to videos in a few months.

'Cars 3' Release Date: Pixar's Trailer Reveals New Lightning McQueen's Rival-- Jackson Storm [Video]

Jan 14, 2017 AM EST 'Cars 3’ trailer reveals movie plot, main villain.

University of Washington Professor Adam Summers Advises Pixar Animators With Disney's New Film, 'Finding Dory'

Jun 20, 2016 AM EDT University of Washington Professor Adam Summers advises Pixar's animators on fish behaviour with Disney's new animated feature film, “Finding Dory.”

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