‘Toy Story 4’: Pushed Back To 2019, Here's What We Know So Far [Video]


The announcement from Pixar came in October last year that "Toy Story 4" has been pushed back from its original play date on 2018 to 2019, switching places with "The Incredibles 2."

Fans of the series were beside themselves, but are looking at it from the bright side, "Finding Dory" took a decade for Ellen DeGeneres to keep hounding Pixar for a sequel to "Finding Nemo". The sequel went through three years of production when they finally relented prior the screen launch which sums up to 13 years in total.

Pixar has always been known for coming out with original programs; however, recent outputs have relied on sequels, the latest addition is "The Incredibles 2".  The sequel to "The Incredibles" had a total wait of 14 years for its production. Incidentally, "The Incredibles 2" is coming to screens Jun. 15, 2018.

"Toy Story 3" came out in 2010 and so far, the highest grossing Pixar film ever, making $1.1 billion worldwide, according to Us. The franchise remains a fan favorite to this day.

"Toy Story 4" developments

Andy has grown up, Buzz Lightyear and Woody had to escape unruly kids when they were donated to a day care center. According to reports, a lot will change for Woody in the coming movie installment. For one, Woody will finally find love with Bo Peep.

According to Screen Rant, the move does allow the "Toy Story 4" team more time to finalize the movie's narrative. "Toy Story 3" certainly pulled heartstrings and many are skeptical if a fourth entry in the series would make an impact even if it promises a love story between Woody and Bo Peep.

"Toy Story 4" cast

Tom Hanks confirmed on the Grahm Norton Show that he recorded his part as Woody back in 2015. Other Voice actors playing a part in "Toy Story 4" is detailed in the video below.

"Toy Story 4" comes to theaters Jun. 21, 2019.

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