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‘The Incredibles 2’ Spoilers, Plot Leaks: What Happened To Jack-Jack? Samuel L. Jackson Begins Voicing Frozone


Frozone captured the public's fascination in the 2004 animated flick "The Incredibles" for being the movie's comic relief. Those who are hoping for his comeback in the sequel will be delighted now that the actor who voiced him, Samuel L. Jackson, confirmed his involvement.

Production of "The Incredibles 2" has begun just in time for a summer 2018 release in theaters. Jackson recently revealed that he has been in the studio "one day so far" for the sequel. The actor, however, doesn't know if what he did that day was "a dedicated recording or pre-recording, so they could start to animate against" what he said, Collider reported.

Jackson assured fans that the follow-up will be amazing, acknowledging that the audience is most excited to see what has become of Jack-Jack, the youngest child of Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) and Elastigirl (Holly Hunter). Even in babyhood, Jack-Jack seems to have the strongest powers among the family.

The child showed his superpowers while in the hands of Syndrome (Jason Lee), including shapeshifting into a monster, turning his body into bulletproof steel, shoot lasers, transforming into fire, and floating.

There are theories that Jack-Jack is the sequel's main villain because of what writer and director Brad Bird previously said, E! News reported. He shared that "The Incredibles 2" is not like other superhero films and will instead highlight the characters' relationships. This could mean that the Parr family would grapple with Jack-Jack's numerous powers and how to control it.

A fan on Reddit, however, posited that Jack-Jack doesn't actually have numerous superpowers. In the theory, all the superheroes possess a wide array of abilities at a young age until those grow into one, singular superpower based on the individual's personality. This was why the rest of the Parr family wasn't surprised when they saw Jack-Jack exhibiting multiple powers for the first time -- because they saw others (or probably themselves) going through that before.

"The Incredibles 2" is slated for a June 5, 2018 release date. Sarah Vowell is expected to reprise her role as Violet, while Raymond Ochoa will replace Spencer Fox as the voice behind Dash.

The movie will be shown in Imax theaters as part of the giant-screen film company's multi-picture deal with Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm. The pact also includes "Toy Story 4," the "Star Wars" Han Solo spinoff film and "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," among others, The Hollywood Reporter listed.

Are you happy about Frozone's return? What do you think is going on with Jack-Jack? Share your thoughts below!

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