Pennsylvania High School Offers Free College For Students With Good Grades And Behavior


As the costs of college continue to rise, a school district in Pennsylvania makes an effort to make college possible for students who aspire and dream big. Students who have good grades are offered free college for 2 years at Harrisburg Area Community College.

According to KRON4, the Steelton-Highspire School District works in collaboration with the community college system in order to help those kids who were able to maintain good grades, and at the same time, managed to stay away from trouble.

Steel-High is the very first Midstate district to have launched this program, according to ABC8 News. In fact, it will even give the students a little extra incentive to encourage them to score high in the succeeding tests.

Daytona Walsh, a 7th grader who is a part of the program called the Harrisburg Promise said how her parents were hooked about the offer. She said that academics always gets harder every time especially when you go up. She shared a piece of advice and said that the only thing she did was to study and study and pay attention. She understands that she needs to do that since she wants to stay in the program.

The Harrisburg Promise covers two years free college tuition at any HACC campus only if the students are able to maintain a 2.5 GPA through middle and high school. They must also be able to abide by other rules mentioned by the principal Sheri Woodall which includes staying out of drugs and alcohol. She also said that students should not become a teenage parent.

These are basically the requirements set up by the HACC. The initiative began last semester, and there are already 23 students who qualified and signed up for the applications.

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