PennState Professor Rasgon Talks Zika Virus & Another Disease: Are Pennsylvanians At Risk? [VIDEO]


Jason Rasgon, Pennsylvania State University's associate professor of Entomology and Disease Epidemiology discusses the Zika virus in Probing Questions video and reveals an even more familiar disease called the Lyme disease that the Pennsylvanians have long been susceptible in to!

In a very detailed approach, Prof. Rasgon once again explains the rapidity of the spread of the virus by illustrating a path of transfer originating from the mosquito to the fleas, to the ticks, the mites and even to the lice, the Penn State News reported.

He warns that there has been no single arthropod that's safe from infection.

Inevitably, Rasgon also proceeded with probing into how close the Pennsylvanians are to contracting the said virus, and still ended up being upset by his own findings.

As per finding, the latest PennState study conducted by Rasgon reveals that it is not Zika, but rather the Lyme disease which is endemic within the Pennsylvanian territory.

He furthers by saying that this types of viruses have in fact, lived long within the perimeter of the state.

Thus, he segues that the Lyme disease, for instance, has to be the most common disease in the place. So, locals should start to be more concerned with the latter therein, the Penn State News again reported.

In other news, a newly released statement from Dr. Tom Frieden, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director, quotes Zika virus as an "urgent global concern" such that it has infiltrated over 60% of the countries in the world, the Global News reported.

For such a recently named virus, vaccines are yet unfound and hotspots are increasing in numbers.

The best thing people, or travellers for that matter, can do, besides practical self-protection, is simply avoid places recently infected by the virus, especially when the person is a pregnant woman, the Fox News reported.

In the university-funded Probing Questions video, Rasgon once again urges the travellers to be alert and responsible for themselves and their love ones so that in the event that they have just returned home from a trip to the tropics, they must immediately report signs and symptoms of the virus, should there be any, the PSU reported.

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