Head Start Program Transforms Lives: Goodbye Poverty, PennState Says!


The strong implementation of the Head Start pre-school program resulted to remarkable transformation among lives of local working parents of usually African American kids! Crystal Sanders, a head-starter representing the Department of African American Studies in the Pennsylvania State University, spells the program's utmost potential in mitigating poverty through academic opportunities. 

The Head Start program had since been claimed to be one of the best-attained fruits of labor behind the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, the PSU reported.

This act in 1964 was believed to be in accordance to the various federal anti-poverty programs developed by President Lyndon Johnson.

It is therefore worthy to note that during that time, the war that was being waged by the president against poverty is surely high in arms. 

Poverty had long been treated as a crippling enemy by the country.

And, the easy victims are always the black people.

In an interview, Sanders enunciates that the said program should be the answer to poverty.

But what is yet most interesting about the program is that it is strongly inclined to the academics.

The program is designed to provide comprehensive schooling services to the less endowed children, as well as secure high-waged teaching employment to black people/working Americans residing somewhere from within Mississippi to the outskirts of Pennsylvania, the Penn State News reported.

It is therefore deliberate of the program to focus more on the black workers and inaugurate in these states, since it is in these places that the workers conspicuously struggle with only two limited forms of livelihoods- agriculture and domestic services, the Eagle reported.

Therein, with concise and efficient academic training, the working parents of some of the kids can finally expand their careers and land a job as teachers.

In this way, they can be closer to their children and finally be freed from the white employers' monopolizing schemes, the Penn State News again reported.

As federal protection laws ensure that the kids are safe from any forms of segregation, the head Start program ensures the kid's parents are economically advantaged.

All of these functions pushed by one of PennState's academic icons work towards a single academic vision- ensuring a "maximum feasible participation" of the poor, the PSU again reported. 

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