New York City

New Law Will Ban Employers From Asking Salary History In Job Interview [VIDEO]

Apr 05, 2017 AM EDT The New York City Councils is expected to pass the bill on Wednesday. Employers will soon be prohibited to ask applicants about salary histories.

Tallest Skyscraper On Earth Will Be Hanged From An Asteroid

Mar 29, 2017 PM EDT The world's first floating city is about to come, meet the tallest skyscraper on Earth.

‘Hidden Figures' Preview For NYC Students: A STEM Inspiration For Women And Girls Everywhere

Jan 14, 2017 AM EST “Hidden Figures” has touched the hearts of many women and children everywhere to aim for a career in STEM.

‘Underworld’ Actress Kate Beckinsale Wants To Stalk Daughter In College

Jan 07, 2017 AM EST Kate Beckinsale’s daughter is bound for college and her mother is planning to follow her.

New York To Offer Free College Plan To Low-Income Students

Jan 04, 2017 AM EST Students from low-income families in New York may be able to go to college for free.

Miss World 2016, Puerto Rico’s Stephanie Del Valle Is A Pre-Law Student

Dec 20, 2016 AM EST The newly crowned Miss World 2016 is currently studying communication studies.

Students in NYC Found Paid Internships with the Help of Ladders for Leaders

Oct 28, 2016 AM EDT A record number of students benefitted from the program finding paid internships in the private sector

New York City Schools Championing Diversity Initiative For Policy Integration

Oct 22, 2016 AM EDT A New York City school program is gaining momentum in diversity policies.

Free Tampons And Pads! Available In Brown University And Soon, U.S. Colleges And Schools!

Sep 07, 2016 AM EDT There’s nothing better than free stuff. It’s much more necessary when they are free tampons and pads!

Rapper J. Cole Has A College Degree In Business And A Magna Cum Laude Graduate

Aug 08, 2016 AM EDT Rapper J. Cole is one celebrity with a college degree that surprises people.

NYC Private Sector Industry: University of Rochester Among Biggest Employer; Support From Community Instrumental

Jul 10, 2016 AM EDT The University of Rochester has an economic impact that's growing in terms of size and reach. Based on the Governmental Research Center, the University is the region's biggest employer, the 6th ...

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