Free Tampons And Pads! Available In Brown University And Soon, U.S. Colleges And Schools!


Brown University is paving the way to a new school year. Brown University's student body president will personally be hand-delivering menstrual products to all non-residential bathrooms. On the team are also twenty other students who are aiming to get this done soon.

As classes are soon going to start, News Week has it that New York City public school students will also receive free pads and tampons in all school buildings. This includes sixth through 12th grade students.

When Brown University students proceed to the gym and restrooms this week, they will find a storage of free tampons and pads in the area.

Headed by Viet Nguyen, the student body president, this student-led initiative aims to provide an answer to a necessity. According to Nguyen, pads and tampons are not a luxury. "We wanted to take it into our own hands," says Nguyen, a senior studying education policy.

He points out that low-income students struggle already to make ends meet for food and school fees. Having something taken off their plate like menstrual necessities is a big help.

After the announcement was made, Brown is now considered as one of the first higher-education institutions to implement such a widespread program. The menstrual products are not only available in women's bathrooms, they are also made available in men's and gender-inclusive bathrooms. "Not all people who menstruate are women," says Nguyen.

Were there push-backs? According to Nguyen, "I've had questions about why we're implementing this in male bathrooms as well. It's an initial confusion, but people generally understand when we explain it."

Where did the budget for this initiative come from? The funding from the student-run undergraduate finance board provides the funds. The pads and tampons are going to be available to approximately 30 to 40 bathrooms in the campus beginning this school year (2016-2017). They will be welcomed with menstrual products during the first period gym on the first day of school.

Want more related news? Check out this video reporting the same initiative in public schools:

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