Mars Orbiter Mission: Five Aerospace Companies Chosen for Concept Study; NASA's One Step Closer to Mars

Jul 21, 2016 AM EDT There will be five aerospace companies, chosen by NASA, studying potential Mars orbiter mission in four months.

New Study Finds Two 'Nearby' Rocky Planets Might be Habitable

Jul 21, 2016 AM EDT The new study reveals two planets possibly found to have atmospheres as 'comfortable' as the Earth's.

NASA Spots A Giant Hole in The Sun! Is This A Bad Sign? [VIDEO]

Jul 15, 2016 AM EDT NASA just released a news of Sun's coronal hole phenomenon where parts of it appear darker. Is this bad?

NASA News, Updates: NASA Launches Mission To Get Ahead In Supersonic Air Travel [VIDEO]

Jun 06, 2016 PM EDT In 1947, Chuck Yeager became the first pilot to break the sound barrier. Since then attempts to create a supersonic air speed that is faster than the speed of sound propelled the dreams of people ...

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