NASA News: Sends Probe To Study Psyche, A Large Metallic Asteroid; Explains Why Humans Are Made Of Stars Stuff? [VIDEO]


The latest on NASA news reveal that scientists are proposing to send a probe to Psyche, a large metallic asteroid orbiting between Mars and Jupiter. The probe will look into the asteroid's composition, which could explain the theory of how carbon and water are delivered to planets like Earth. The findings will further explain what many astronauts have been saying that humans are made of stars stuff all along.

NASA is studying a large metallic asteroid, which many of them theorize as the molten core of a planet that existed millions of years ago. The asteroid was once a planet stripped of its rocky exterior from frequent collisions with other planets during the violent birth of the universe.

The asteroid named 16 Psyche may have been a planet as big as Mars or could be as small as the asteroid Vesta according to the observations of Linda Elkins-Tanton, director of the Schools of Earth and Space Exploration of the Arizona State University, The Times reported. Psyche with only a span of 186 miles is smaller than Vesta, which is the second largest asteroid with a span of 326 miles orbiting in our solar system.

The most recent NASA news revealed that the scientists are proposing to send a probe to Psyche to better understand how our very own core developed. NASA's probe is proposed to be launched in November 2020 and it is expected to arrive at Psyche on 2026. The estimated cost is $500 million dollars as reported in UANews.

Meanwhile, Vishnu Reddy, asst. professor of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona, revealed that there are telltale traces of water or hydroxyl on the surface of Psyche as seen with the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility. Reddy believes this is unlikely given the nickel and core composition of the asteroid.

There is strong evidence then that supports the theory that carbon and water are delivered by carbonaceous asteroids to protoplanetary bodies like Earth. This offers concrete evidence explaining how human life began on Earth and why humans are really made of stars stuff.

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