NASA & CAE Partner Up For Research On 'Air Traffic Management': Towards A Strong International Academic Bond?


NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has recently signed a MoU (memorandum of understanding) between CAE (Chinese Aeronautical Establishment) to partner up for research on "Air Traffic Management". Results of the collaboration have been deemed essential by civil aviation domains towards building a strong international academic bond between aeronautics industries.

The recent bonding initially seeks to increase knowledge among US and Chinese airport operators in managing traffic. The deal is effective in a span of 5 years. Within the 5-year period, the US operators will have been able to gather examined data from Chinese airports. Hence, these data will provide points for improving airport traffic management between Chines and US airports, Airport-Technology reported.

With the kind of direction NASA and CAE have steered their attention to, there is no denying that priorities on deepening academic ties are on top list here. Besides the international dialogue being facilitated between US and China with this kind of engagement, the aeronautics foundation also gets to be finally layered by strong academic pillars.

The concept of the engagement all began in China's internal problems involving delayed flights among its bustling airports due to air traffic. China has much to benefit from this partnership in terms of traffic management. US, on the other hand, benefits a lot in terms of adapting China's strategies with regards to having attracted an ocean of airline investors through the years, Tech 2 reported.

The MoU contract signed between the two aeronautics departments also includes impacting US carrier operations in China and the rest of the global aviation community. But since the MoU is a brainchild by the internal offices in NASA, namely the Safety Program and the Airspace Operations, its binding laws are firstly credited to the NASA department, Executive Gov. reported.

But the very first impact of the collaboration yet is the strong international academic bond being it entails by the end of the partnership. Unbeknownst to the concerned parties, aeronautics courses in both countries will soon be frequented by international students in the near future.

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