NASA Cuts Live Feeds From ISS After ‘UFOs’ Were Spotted On Video


Conspiracy theorists charged NASA of cover up after cutting live feed transmissions from the International Space Station when its camera spotted alleged UFOs on two separate and consecutive occasions.

A video uploaded by a famous YouTuber named Streetcap1 on Sept. 3 alleged in the video description that NASA cut the camera feed so quickly. Streetcap1 further stated that he was able to capture a couple of frames of the distant object. It showed a bluish object hovering in the distance, claiming that the unidentified object is brighter on the left side due to the light from the sun and not because of lens flare.

In another report from dated Oct. 4, NASA allegedly turned the live feed off again after spotting another hovering unidentified object. The report stemmed from a video uploaded by Sonofmabarker on Oct. 3, only days apart from that of Streetcap1's.

In the video's description, Sonofmabarker said, "Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this UFO on a live feed from the International Space Station." He further states that he recorded the event using his iPhone. "I didn't want to miss it," he said and added that he was able to record the video before NASA cut the feed.

Interestingly, Sonofmabarker did not make mention of another object that appeared in the lower left corner starting at the 0:06 mark of the video. His attention was on the hovering donut shaped orb.

Many UFO conspiracy theorists and ordinary citizens have been uploading videos on YouTube for years, some more convincing than others have; however, this night lights, such as UFO investigators, commonly dismiss those featured above as mere lens flare.

Forensic UFO Investigator Scott Brando, who examined thousands of photographs and videos of so-called UFOs over several years, says via that science can explain every single UFO event.

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