‘Minecraft: Wii U Edition’ Images are a Nightmare Fuel; Different Skins Used were for ‘Mario DLC’ and Fans are not too Pleased [VIDEO]


Nintendo just released its "Minecraft: Wii U Edition" with some of the skins originally used for the game "Mario DLC". The developers of the game recently teamed out with Nintendo to bring a special edition of the Super Mario game. However, the look of the new edition is a material for nightmare as one fan remarked.

A Look Inside the Game

The "Minecraft: Wii U Edition" brings Mario characters such as Hooktail, Midbus, and Yoshi retouched with Minecraft skins. Midbus was turned as the Pigs and Yoshi becomes the Horses. While Hooktail, the character from "Paper Mario" is this game's Ender Dragon.

Moreover, fans will get to see the Ender Chest given the Mr. I design. The Yoshi horses can also be seen in the How to Play menu. Battle Mini Game can also be found in the How to Play menu.

Fans Are not too Pleased

The fans discovered unused images in the "Minecraft: Wii U Edition" files, Nintendo Everything reported. These files show different skins that were originally planned for Marion DLC. Now that they've already used some of the images from Mario DLC in an effort to bring a special edition to all Marion fans out there, some fans were disappointed.

 Hooktail wasn't supposed to be the dragon; Gobblegut is. The Ender Chest is supposed to be given the design of Shy Guy as originally planned. Moreover, fans were expecting to see Fracktail as the Horses. But of course, he has no limbs so it wouldn't have worked out.

Overall the concept was called a fuel for nightmare. It's supposed to appeal to fans especially to the younger generations. Nintendo clearly intended to create a younger market by mixing two worlds together: the Minecraft world and the Super Mario world. But again, so far and look-wise, it failed to impress.

4J Studios and Mojang AB developed the "Minecraft: Wii U Edition" game, Minecraft Gamepedia reported. It's basically a mash up of the Super Mario world. It comes with seven "most popular add-on packs".

"Minecraft: Wii U Edition" is sold at $29.99, which is kind of expensive than any of its counterparts from the Console Edition.

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