'Fallout Shelter' News: Bethesda Releases Christmas Update; 'Minecraft' Mash-up Introduces New UI & More! [VIDEO]


Most fans and avid gamers would agree that it's impressive to see multiple versions of a video game franchise be equally successful with one another. Such is the case for "Fallout Shelter," who has seen much success as of late, especially since Bethesda has just released a Christmas update for the popular settlement management simulator. Moreover, the "Fallout" franchise has also made its way to the world of "Minecraft" as a new mash-up pack introduces a new user-interface and a lot more content.

It was recently reported that the acclaimed video game developer and publisher Bethesda has just rolled out its official Christmas update for both the mobile game and PC version "Fallout Shelter," Gamerant reported.

It was highlighted that "Fallout Shelter" has garnered a reputable number of play sessions, amounting up to four billion, considering that it was initially released merely as a complimentary free-to-play game to support the debut of "Fallout 4."

However, due to the surprising success of "Fallout Shelter," Bethesda has taken upon themselves to continually update and improve the settlement management simulator on both its mobile game and PC versions.

As such, the Christmas update for "Fallout Shelter" would bring to fans a more festive look, such as a Santa hat perching on the corner of a Nuka Cola machine, yultide decorations seen everywhere, and characters even donning elf costumes in the game.

On another note, it was also reported that the "Fallout" franchise has made its way to the realm of "Minecraft" as the two have come up with a mash-up pack that will be released as a DLC made available to the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and Wii U, Express UK has learned.

It was stated therein that the "Fallout" and "Minecraft" mash-up pack will include a new user-interface to the crafting game along with numerous features, such an additional 44 new skins based on the characters of the "Fallout" franchise.

That being said, it seems that fans of the acclaimed "Fallout" franchise by Bethesda have a lot in store for them this Christmas.

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