Minecraft Players Receive Gift For Holiday Season; Update On Console And Pocket Edition Started To Roll Out [Video]


Just before year 2016 comes to an end, good news keep coming, especially for Minecraft fans. Players are treated from the latest update to the latest version of Minecraft. If you're a fan, you will be jacked up by what you'll read below.

Minecraft Console Update

Microsoft has started rolling out the Minecraft 1.10 for console with new additional features such as new blocks, mobs and items including some changes to the content of the end game. The free update also includes new downloadable contents that are perfect gifts to avid Minecraft players -- a sure way to keep players' interest in the game.

Meanwhile, if players wanted more than the free update can offer, they can at any time purchase the new downloadable content, "Fallout" mashup pack for $6 which already include 44 skins or the Merry Bundle for $7, GameSpot reported.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Update

Just after the update for console, Microsoft also rolled out an update for the pocket edition of Minecraft where players can add music which can be downloaded in the store. The update also features the option to delete add on for the unwanted add ons, Mobipicker reported. The other features include the following:

  •  A message appears after dying or the bed was destroyed ("Your home bed was missing or obstructed")
  •  "100% dragon free" or "It's alpha" splash messages removed
  •  Get one item with full durability after taking two damaged items and putting them in crafting grid or anvil
  •  Faster transfer of items between containers
  •  Animation for throwing items
  •  Wearing helmets can prevent endermen from attacking
  •  Make huge mushrooms from regular mushrooms
  •  Beetroot and beetroot soup in the creative inventory

Aside from the update, players who own Apple TV receives good news. According to Neurogadget, the experience in using the console or PC will just be the same when playing "Minecraft" using the Apple TV with 7 DLC. In a press release, Mojang revealed that the DLC will include "The Holiday 2015," "Natural," "Cartoon," "Town Folk," "Festive 2016 Mashups," and the "City Skin Folks Skin Pack" and is now available in iTunes which costs around $20. However, it will not support the "Minecraft Realms" or Xbox Live for now.

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