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Tufts University Celebrity Surprise: Matt Damon Sneaks In To Hometown Gym For A Workout [VIDEO]

Mar 16, 2017 AM EDT Students at the Tuft University fitness center spotted Matt Damon working out and didn't pass up the opportunity to take a photo with him. The Great Wall star was friendly and posed for pictures.

’Jason Bourne’ Actor Matt Damon’s Career Advice

Dec 10, 2016 AM EST Matt Damon’s career is used as a learning subject for his successes and failures.

Matt Damon and His 'Backpack Full of Cash' on Public School Privatization

Nov 02, 2016 PM EDT Matt Damon takes a new role as the narrator in a documentary called 'Backpack Full of Cash, which takes focuses on the issue of privatizing the public school system.

Matt Damon’s New Film ‘Backpack Full Of Cash’ Focuses On The US Public School System

Nov 02, 2016 AM EDT The Jason Bourne actor wants the United States public school system improve.

Four Career Lessons From Matt Damon: Surviving ‘The Martian’

Sep 01, 2016 AM EDT It takes an astronaut like Matt Damon to survive Mars.

Jason Bourne’s Matt Damon Has A Secret Life: He Is Secretly Really Smart

Aug 08, 2016 AM EDT Some celebrities are just secretly smart like Matt Damon.

Matt Damon's ‘Jason Bourne’ Film Grabs $60m To Steal The Box Office Spot Of ‘Star Trek Beyond’

Aug 01, 2016 AM EDT It's been 10 years since Matt Damon's Jason Bourne abandoned the agency that taught him to become a deadly weapon. But the film's latest sequel raked in $60 million in its opening weekend.

‘Jason Bourne’ Review: Letting the Action Do the Talking, Loses a Measure of Emphatic Drama with Protagonist Memory

Jul 31, 2016 AM EDT "Remembering eveything doesn't mean you know everything." Does it mean that Jason Bourne will forever be stucked in his amnesiac state?

'Jason Bourne' Trilogy Gets An Honest Trailer; See What The Plot Holes And Cliches That You Didn't Notice[VIDEO]

Jul 29, 2016 AM EDT 'Jason Bourne' trilogy got its 'Honest Trailer.' Warning, the video will give major spoilers to who haven't watched any of the series.

'Jason Bourne' News: Jason Bourne to lead Weekend Box Office [VIDEO]

Jul 28, 2016 AM EDT There are 3 films opening this weekend with different genres, but one film is projected to dominate the box-office - 'Jason Bourne.' Jason Bourne is tracked to make more than Mission Impossible: Rogue ...

Matt Damon Explained Why There Are Less Indie Films On The Big Screen

Jul 27, 2016 AM EDT With the arrival of the new "Jason Bourne" in theatres this week, Matt Damon discusses the current situation of indie films.

‘Jason Bourne’ Film Update: Matt Damon Doesn’t Say Much In The Film? Did The Actor Make $1 Million A Line For 'Bourne'?

Jul 20, 2016 AM EDT Matt Damon, who is one of the highest-grossing actors of all time, has revealed that he only has about 25 lines of dialogue in director Paul Greengrass' spy action thriller film, "Jason Bourne."

'Jason Bourne' Star Matt Damon to Appear at MIT Before Movie Premiere

May 02, 2016 AM EDT While "Jason Bourne" movie is just counting down to the release date on July 29, the MIT grads will have the privilege to meet the star in their graduation ceremony.

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