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Matt Damon’s New Film ‘Backpack Full Of Cash’ Focuses On The US Public School System


While Matt Damon is known for his role in various films like "Jason Bourne," he is also passionate about the country's social issues. And this time, he is taking education to the forefront.

And when an actor like Matt Damon wants to see a sign of improvement from the United States public school system, the industry listens. Especially when he pushes out a new documentary film titled "Backpack Full of Cash."

"Backpack Full of Cash" is about a United States public school named South Philadelphia High. The school enrolls over one thousand students but lacks essential resources. This school lacks teachers and facilities. With charter schools opening up everywhere, Damon points out that they are using funds that could have been used to improve public schools like South Philadelphia High. The documentary explores the origin of charter schools as part of the education reform system.

And Matt Damon hopes to see better and for the system to do away with inequality when it comes to providing education to students. Matt Damon explains that these charter schools are benefiting some children while other kids are being left behind with limited or fewer resources.

Jason Bourne exposes, through the documentary film, what is really happening in the education reform policies. These policies, according to Lohud, are affecting students in the country as well as their families.

In the film, Damon narrates in the background. He wants to tell the story because the public needs to know. He emphasizes that charter schools are dividing America. And the biggest victims who are greatly affected by this change comes from low income families.

Matt Damon wants everybody to see and address the deeper issue in inequality. He counts poverty, racial divide and unequal funding of schools as some of the inequality factors affecting the country.

Currently, "Backpack Full of Cash" is being featured in selected venues only. But soon, the movie will be made available by a Kickstarter campaign so that it will reach a wider audience.

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