Jason Bourne’s Matt Damon Has A Secret Life: He Is Secretly Really Smart


Jason Bourne, or rather the actor behind him, lives a secret life. Matt Damon is secretly very smart. While he is known for his role in multiple films such as the Jason Bourne films, Ocean's franchise, The Martian and many more, he is actually an intellectual individual.

Hollywood loves to put people like Damon on the platform for their acting achievements. They get honored with Golden Globes, Academy and Emmy awards. Back then, Brit has it that Damon dropped out of university to pursue various acting opportunities. Brit describes him as having the book smarts. Though he did not have the honorary degree, Damon earned his mark in the world.

At a young age, he attended Cambridge Alternative School. The school is now called Graham and Parkes. He then attended Cambridge Ridge and Latin School with his friend Ben Affleck. He started his acting career in high school theater.

After high school, Damon attended Harvard where he was a resident of the Lowell House. He did not finish his degree because he opted to take a lead role in the movie "Geronimo: An American Legend." Before he left, however, he wrote a draft with Affleck for "Good Will Hunting." It was homework for an English class that became a huge hit. In his time, he was the smartest and most talented.

Although he dropped out early to pursue his dream in acting, that does not mean he did not use his time in university wisely. He excelled in theater and acting. Now, aside from the awards he received from his acting and producing days, he also received his own Hollywood Star on the Hollywood walk of fame. "A few times in my life I've had these experiences that are just kind of too big to process and this looks like it's going to be one of those times," says Damon.

For some Jason Bourne and Matt Damon humor, check out this video below of Damon pranking people:

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