College Choice: Why Its An Ordeal For Parents To Select the Best College for Their Kids [Video]


Choosing the right college is not only a stressful phase for students. Most of the time, even parents who are looking at the colleges and universities to select the right match often find the process a little perplexing. And picking the right school is only imperative, or the students may end up just transferring.

What parents look for first and foremost is usually the college reputation or the status of the school, according to Peterson's. But instead of doing this, parents should actually search for a place that is a god fit for their kids. This is where parents and families flunk in when it comes to college selection, especially when colleges provide so many interesting information, leaving a lot of students very little insight.

This is dangerous because when students feel the need to transfer, it will be more costly because some will lose their credits, according to Time. There are also millions of students over many years who have dropped out after starting out college. But parents, students and families cannot be entirely be blamed.

Colleges play a major role on whether applicants will sign up of them or not. It is the colleges that provide the applicants all the information to get them to applying. They flaunt their school's graduation rate and salary, while taking the other significant metrics for granted.

Colleges also have varying personalities and not because one school is popular and prestigious, does not mean that they are an excellent choice for all students. Some students can just really do at one place better than another. They focus more on participating in the rankings so that they attract more students instead of going out of their way to help prospective students make smart choices when it comes to the right college for them.

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