Kids That Made Millions Before College And What You Can Learn From Them


There is no age limit when it comes to earning millions these days. There is also no minimum age required before a person can become a millionaire. It is all but a matter of goal-setting, determination, and hard work that can get you to your first million.

In fact, there are even a surprising number of millionaires who have not even stepped on to college just yet. These are not the rich kids who were fortunate enough to be born with a silver spoon. These are the kids who just really know and understand how to make money even at a very young age. Here are a few of them and the most valuable lessons you can learn from them.

Christian Owens

According to LifeHack, Owens earned his first million before he was even 16 years old, by learning how to do web design by himself. He started working with Mac Bundle Box by offering simple and discounted Mac applications. What Owens did aside for pursuing his passion was to save people money by offering something for a lower price.

Cameron Johnson

Cameron Johnson was only nine years old when he launched a card in 1994 called Cheers and Tears, according to Entrepreneur. When he reached high school, he moved into online advertising and software development where his earnings reached $400,000 a month. Johnson was never afraid to do big when it comes to something he does so well, he also was not afraid to try new things especially when he explored a brand new industry by the time he reached high school.

Adam Hildreth                       

Hildreth established his first company in 1999, the Dubit Limited. The social networking site became the biggest in UK and after which, he created Crisp, a company that helps protects kids against online predators. Hildreth did not only create something that would soon become a popular trend, he was also able to come up with something that can be useful as a solution.

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