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Elon Musk Sets New Goal for SpaceX, And It's Outrageous [Video]

Apr 13, 2017 AM EDT Elon Musk plans to shorten "flight tested" rockets re-launch to 24 hours saving the company millions in the process.

[Watch] Amazon Drone Performs First Ever US Delivery

Mar 26, 2017 PM EDT The Amazon drone drops its first package in the United States during a test delivery light on Monday.

It's Not SpaceX Vs NASA But Elon Musk Vs Jeff Bezos' Blue Origins

Mar 07, 2017 AM EST Billionaire and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced that his space project, Blue Origins, are creating a mega rocket for its New Glenn spacecraft

Amazon to Add 100,000 Jobs with Full Benefits

Jan 13, 2017 PM EST Amazon recently announced it will by employing 100,000 people with full benefits for the next 18 months. This is welcomed as good news especially to US cities where people are ravaged by poverty. The ...

Even Bill Gates, And Other Billionaires Have Weird Habits, Too

Jan 03, 2017 AM EST Billionaires are still humans after all and they have their quirkiness as well like the rest of us

Space Exploration: The New Status Symbol of The 21st Century Billionaire

Dec 07, 2016 PM EST Nowadays, nerds with money rule the world and they are bent on turning science fiction into a reality. If you have the money, send a spaceship to space is the new status quo

Where Did The World's Richest People Go To College?

Dec 02, 2016 AM EST Ever wondered where rich people like Warren Buffett, Carlos Slim Helu and Jeff Bezos went to college?

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Has A Degree From Princeton: Secret To His Success?

Aug 24, 2016 AM EDT Ordering from Amazon was easy because of Jeff Bezos.

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