Amazon to Add 100,000 Jobs with Full Benefits; Not Exactly Good News for Solid Traders


Amazon recently announced it will by employing 100,000 people with full benefits for the next 18 months. This is welcomed as good news especially to US cities where people are ravaged by poverty. The company's effort is a sign of a rise of a new industry replacing the old ones.

100,000 Jobs in 2018

The online retailing company has announced it will open full time jobs with full time benefits to 100,000 people in the US for the next 18 months. The positions will be made available across the country and it's for skill and experience levels. Most jobs will be opened in fulfilment centers working in areas relating to cloud technology, advanced logistics, and even machine learning, USA Today reported.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon's CEO, said the jobs are for their fulfilment center, customer service network, and other facilities in local communities across the US. He further impressed that these jobs are not for Silicon Valley or for Seattle headquarters. This comes in the heels of president-elect Donald Trump's drive to create more jobs for the Americans coming from giant companies.

However, there's also a shadow that lurks behind this good news. Online retailing has destroyed employment many times. It has taken employment away from those who work at malls and shopping centers.

Bad News for Solid Traders

While the company will hire highly paid software developers and engineers along with the hourly warehouse employers, there will be people who will be caught in that transition, The New York Times reported. And they will be caught in the eye of the storm.

The reason for that is Amazon will not exactly be hiring those who have been laid off. The retail sector has suffered the blow that online retailing brought more recently. Macy's has announced they will lay off 100,000 positions while more outlets are closing down.

Amazon is also one of the giants promoting automation, using robots in their facilities than humans. Although they've insisted that their machines work alongside with humans, solid traders such as truck drivers and delivery workers are threatened especially because the company promotes to use driverless cars and drones to replace them. This has caused debates among policy makers and economists.

Whether this will have positive impacts among the lives of the people and on the economy, it remains to be seen.

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