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How To Nail Digital Marketing Right In Higher Education

Dec 15, 2016 AM EST Digital marketing in higher education need not be complicated. All you have to do is follow these simple steps.

Design Thinking As A Disruptive Force In Higher Education

Dec 09, 2016 PM EST Design Thinking As A Disruptive Force In Higher Education Design will become a disruptive force in higher education as it shifts and innovates in the future

For-Profit Colleges Sees Bigger Revenue Under President Elect Donald Trump

Dec 06, 2016 AM EST For-profit colleges are expecting a huge turn out in fortune under the Trump administration.

Finding Your PhD: How to Choose the Right Doctorate Degree

Nov 27, 2016 AM EST Things to consider when choosing the appropriate doctorate degree for yourself and ensure that your time and efforts are well invested.

The PhD Student’s Checklist: Things to Do on Your First 100 Days

Nov 18, 2016 AM EST Getting a great start can help you with your activities PhD and cultivating the right habits is a key.

Write A College Admission Essay That Will Get You Straight To Your Dream University

Nov 17, 2016 AM EST Most students dread writing their admission essays, here are some pointers to write better and with ease.

Here's Why It Is Difficult To Quantify The Quality Of Colleges

Nov 10, 2016 AM EST The Department of Education is discussing how to address this issue.

LeBron James Supports Hillary Clinton In University of Akron Rally

Nov 08, 2016 AM EST NBA superstar LeBron James is with “her.”

'Mental Health Matters' Report Suggests Training College Staff in Mental Awareness Can Be Beneficial

Nov 04, 2016 AM EDT A report suggests giving mandatory mental awareness training to teaching and non-teaching college staff in order to meet the growing need for student mental health support.

Are You Ready for a PhD? A PhD Graduate Tells What She Learned About 'Failure'

Nov 03, 2016 AM EDT Dr. Fiona Whelan shares important lessons about failure which she learned as her PhD journey comes to an end.

Is College Education for Everyone? Other Options May Just Be Available

Nov 02, 2016 AM EDT We’ve always been taught a college diploma is needed to make it in life but is it the only way?

College Calculator: How Much Does Higher Education Truly Cost?

Oct 29, 2016 AM EDT How much should students expect to spend on college?

Malala Yousafzai And Other Celebrities That Defied Poverty, Lack Of Education And Difficult Times

Oct 26, 2016 AM EDT Some celebrities did not start with having it all.

This Country Offers More Than Free University Tuition; It Pays You To Go To College

Oct 20, 2016 AM EDT Denmark offers its students free university tuition as well as a monthly stipend for living expenses.

What Instructors Can Do To Help Their Class Learn More, According To Students

Oct 18, 2016 AM EDT Students weigh in on how professors can make learning in class enjoyable.

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