Higher Education News: College Campuses Are The Riskiest Places For Technology


Safeware, one of the leading providers for product protection, has analyzed claims data on technology and found out that the riskiest environment for technology is the college campus.

Bryan Schutjer, Chief Executive Officer of Safeware, said that a great number of students rely on different types of technology. From laptops to tablets and smartwatches, these devices have become an essential part of student life in colleges and universities.

As much as technology is part of the college life, stress is also a part of it because of the responsibilities and demands of balancing study and part-time jobs. With all these activities, college students are always on the move; thus, it is not a surprise that accidental drops and falls will occur damaging the gadget.

The protection provider based the analysis on the data of students who used one of their Protection Plans. The data revealed that colleges prove to be the most dangerous environment for mobile technology compared to others, such as businesses or companies. Compared to the business sector, students make at least five claims every year on one single contract.

The four-year study also revealed that two students out of five has made a claim within their four-year coverage they've had with Safeware. So far, the highest claim recorded in the history of Safeware is nine. Moreover, 40 percent of customers made a claim two times within their single contract period.

Further analysis of the claims also revealed that 10 percent were caused by accidental damage like drops while another 10 percent were caused by liquid spills. Moreover, 50 percent of these claims were due to device malfunction or breakdown.

Therefore, Safeware provides a unique approach in insuring and extending the warranty of these technologies through a customized coverage based on the needs of college students.

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